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Gravity in Gaming



Whenever it comes to science fiction, in addition to all the impossibilities that already exist, the laws of physics tend to be glanced over or tossed aside for the sake of simplicity or other reasons. This time, I'm talking about gravity, specifically in the game Destiny. The game allows you to explore various planets and locations in our solar system throughout your adventure. so being on different planets means gravity has to change, right? well for the sake of in game mechanics this is unfortunately not the case, as everything works exactly the same in every location, but how would differences in gravity make things different? well, due to differences in the acceleration due to gravity (g), the force on an object would be different on each planet, meaning jumping would be easier or harder, and bullets would travel farther or shorter distances depending on if g is larger or smaller than that of earth. Also, two of the game's locations would be impossible to even set foot on. The first being the vestian outpost, a space station situated in the middle of the asteroid belt, and the second being the dreadnaught, a massive enemy spaceship stationed in the rings of Saturn. both would be impossible for the same reason, there is no way for either of them to have or simulate a significant enough amount of gravity.


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