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Fields... Uncharted territory



Throughout my physics carrier, forces caused by a field have been rather prevalent in my calculations. I mean, the force due to gravity appears in most mechanics problems. But what really is a field? I have seemed to feel that a field is a word for a certain force that scientists can't really explain. "hey, why do things fall to the ground on Earth?" "I don't know... why don't we just call it a field!"

So, I decided to take a closer look at force fields and their impact on physics!

What is the definition of a force field? A force field is a vector field describing a non-contact force on a particle in various positions in space. Such examples, as you may know, are the gravitational field and the electrostatic field. A force field is not what you see in the movies: a super power which creates a shield to protect you from any and all harm. I can tell you, Violet from the Incredibles was not projecting a gravitational field around herself!

To be honest, it seems to be difficult to find information on forces applied by fields. Fields are such a perplexing concept because no physical object or surface has to apply the force in order for it to exist... it comes from strange internal sources, such as the mass of the earth or the electron charge of a particle. The only real way for fields to be represented, other than seeing them in action, is through field lines - vector line portrayals of the motion of particles in that field.

If only there was more tangible evidence as to how and why fields exist. But I guess that's a question that new generations of physicists will have to investigate... so many discoveries have been made, and they need some questions to answer too! So, for now, the mystery of field forces remains

Until next time, Fizzix community, until next time.


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