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a cracked phone



Working a 15 hour shift with no break at all is not fun. That's how I spent my Halloween. I began my shift at 2pm and finally ended at 4(the clocks went backwards that's why it is 15). At some point between 1 and 3, I dropped my phone. Well, I actually tapped it & my phone had fallen from the counter to the floor smashing it a billion pieces. 


I want to invent something that will lessen the probability of me smashing another one of my phones. 

I know you probably are already thinking: "Duh Hannah.. that's what cases are for",

Well okay maybe they stole my idea first (funny how that always happens?) but let's see how those work!

The goal of the case is to lessen the effect of the force that the hit has on the phone. Thus, a cushion is put on the outside to increase the time of the force in contact with the phone which decreases the magnitude of the force. 

Or-we can create a screen/phone that is able to have padding or made out of a material that allows some give to when the phone drops to the floor. 

I would buy this phone in a heartbeat because I have shattered way too many phones already.


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