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I have successfully memorized 232 digits of pi. I don't know where I am headed-what goal i am trying to reach or whatnot. Telling this fact about myself to other people results in them giving me a very strange look followed by a blunt question such as: "Why?" Sometimes people have no real reason/motive. Well, I guess that's false because there always is but in many perspectives, people may think someone's motive to do something is pointless. As I think about this, I wonder what motivated those like Einstein. Someone who was constantly told that his quest for an answer was impossible-but he did it. What led him to choose that path? Galileo, Copernicus... why did they choose to go looking for their discoveries? I question their motives because in a way I envy them. How come I never think of looking at the stars or a rolling ball and answer the unknown. In physics, we answer the "how" questions. Maybe one day I will answer one that right now seems impossible, or even unthinkable. But for now, I will continue to climb the number of digits of Pi knowing there will never be an end; the universe is filled with so many infinities. 

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