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living by physics



I wish I could apply my physics knowledge in real life. Kind of like when I need to draw something, I have a picture in my mind that is so elaborate and perfect yet I can never place it on the paper. Like in basketball, if you were to give me the angle a ball is thrown, I can work out on paper at what speed to shoot the ball into the hoop like a projectile. I don’t have a good sense of force-probably because I am lacking the muscles. In gym class, when we had to throw the football, I thought I could throw it farther than I actually could. Or I would not throw it hard enough and it would fall short. I wish my brain acted like those in some fantasy movies where the person would look at a problem/situation and calculate everything instantly to figure out the problem. Even when I am driving a car, I might brake and slow down for a turn and take the turn too fast so all my books and bags in the backseat fly to the other side. I know that objects in motion stay in motion, I know how static friction could keep the bags in place..but somehow my results do not turn out perfectly. Like the lab we did in the beginning of the year, when we had to launch the ball and have it hit the book-we did it. But there is never enough time. I can’t be in a basketball game, press a “freeze” button, pull out a meter stick to measure the height, and distance from the hoop, the angle to the hoop and the force applied by me to launch it at a speed that will cause the ball to go in the hoop. It’s impractical. Life just doesn’t work the way to do everything perfectly.

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To make your basketball adventures slightly simpler, the height of the basketball hoop is always 10 feet... though I'm probably not helping much.

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