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Superpowers would be awesome. I think that's something we can all agree on right? Like how awesome would it be to fly or be able to teleport places? It sure would save alot of time walking to and from school or work every day. But as great as all that may seem, even if superpowers were possible who's to say they'd be safe? Let's take a look at another superpower that would make traveling places alot faster: super speed, like the Flash. Being able to run faster than a speeding bullet sure would seem cool, but unfortunately even if one could do that, there would be several dangers to it. The big thing would be the danger of collisions. Running into something at this speed would be incredibly deadly. Let's assume the person with super speed is running as fast as a bullet fired from a gun, and lets assume they crash into something,  and the impact time is a tenth of a second. The average bullet travels at 2500 feet per second, or 762 m/s, and the average person has a mass of about 80.7 kg. Doing the math (M*deltaV=F*deltaT) results in a whopping 614934 Newtons of force. Way more than any human can survive. 

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There's also those times when he runs super fast to catch someone. At that speed, his arms would be like knives and do more harm than good

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