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Super "Flight"



Since someone brought up superpowers, I thought i would talk bout one myself. One power which was actually granted to many heroes after their initial creation is super flight. From Superman to Thor, comic writers had many other ways to make it seem as though the heroes were flying across the sky, while still limiting their power. Originally Superman was not able to fly, but was "faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound." That's right, leap. He couldn't fly, his powers came from his body basically reacting to the sun like it was steroids made specifically for him. All he had was super strength and speed, which contributed to many other "powers" and led to him gaining many iconic abilities. He appeared to fly because of his super strong legs. He could apply such a downward force when he jumped that he could propel himself up over twenty stories high. Thor got his "flight" from a slightly different method. When using his strength, he swung his hammer around so fast, that when he let go for a split second, the momentum in the hammer would be enough to pull him up off the ground and make him appear as if he was flying. This would be due to the change of angular momentum into linear momentum of his hammer, which has an approximate mass of 6.8*10^14 kilograms. Thor's mass of 291 kilograms is inconsequential when dealing with such a large mass, and thus his hammer would maintain it's momentum, making it appear as if he could fly.

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