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Sometimes I work as a part-time gardener to make enough money to support my lavish lifestyle. The other day I was attempting to break off a dead branch that was an eyesore and also conveniently placed at a height where a passerby might bump his or her noggin on it and sue for millions. So I needed to take it down. At first I tried breaking it with sheer force. Despite my manliness and ripped biceps, I could not seem to break the sturdy limb. The branch would bend but it would not break, as I was not applying enough torque. So naturally I busted out my physics reference table to see what equations might be of help. Of course then I realized that torque would be helpful in this situation. As Mr. Tytler once told me, if you build a long enough lever, you can take the lug bolt off a tire with your little finger. So I gathered a shovel and some duct tape and made the branch almost twice as long. This time when I applied a downward force, the branch snapped and made a loud noise that scared many squirrels. Torque is directly proportional to length, so by making exerting the same force from farther away, I was able to break the branch. The important thing is that I got paid and was able to go spend lavishly that weekend.

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