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Cats Using Physics



I believe most living things are born with some a basic understanding of physics. If I jump up, I'll come back down. We certainly know gravity, as it effects us every moment we are on Earth. I'd like to share an example of this. Recently, as I worked on some homework I had, my cat jumped up on the table. She walked around on it, exploring, for a few minutes then went to jump down. I noticed she did not do anything other than simply sliding her front paws off, the rest of her following after gravity took over. When her front paws left the table there was no longer the force of the table acting upon her. The force the table exerted up on her four paws was greater than the force of gravity acting on her in the downward direction. Once that barrier was gone, the only force left acting upon her was gravity. She landed, then trotted off, on some unknown mission that cats often have. 

To conclude this blog post, I would like to share a physics joke with you. It involves cats (which is how I'm tying it into this blog). Here goes:

Two cats are sitting on a roof. Which one slides of first???



The one with the smallest mew!!! 

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