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The Perfect Free-Throw



Sports have been a large topic of focus in this here blog and i will continue that trend with a new application of physics...BASKETBALL.  Now many people may think that basketball is a simple game of putting a ball in a hoop but it is much more complicated. Im only going to focus on the free throw in this post. The first part of the free throw is lining up your shot. This takes practice in order to learn the typical trajectory of your shot so that you now what angle to shoot it with, the amount of force to apply to it and the night to shoot it from. Right after the shot comes the follow through. The main part of the follow through is to apply backspin to the ball. This makes the shot more likely to go in because rather than bouncing normally, the backspin decreases the angle of "reflection" (for lack of a better term) of the ball and keeps it closer to the hoop so it can roll in. 


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