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Crime Shows



I have a bit of lagging start on my blog posts for this quarter, but here's to hoping that I can get back on track and start blogging weekly.  One of my favorite types of TV shows to watch are cop and crime shows because I love their mystery and thrill.  Recently, I was watching an episode of Castle when one of the main detectives was shot by a suspect.  For a solid two minutes, I thought that one my favorite character had died because he just lay their, completely still.  In the end, it turned out that he was okay because he had been wearing his bullet vest.  So, why did the bullet knock the wind out of him?  Well, it is all an application of Newton's forces and momentum.  When the bullet was fired at the detective, the extremely strong and friction high material, be it metal or Kevlar, slowed the bullet down and stopped it from penetrating the detective's skin (F=ma).  However, because the detective was wearing the vest that absorbed the bullet, and because momentum is always conserved, the shot caused the detective to move with a certain velocity in the same vector direction that the bullet had originally traveled in.  This velocity knocked the detective off on his balance, causing him to fall to the ground and get knocked out.  So, the detective was not knocked out from the bullet, but rather from the transfer of the bullet's momentum, making him a lucky man to be alive and me a happy viewer knowing that I can watch him on future episodes.


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