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Once thought to be a mere figment of science fiction, these floating skateboards are now all science and no fiction. However, as with almost all technology, it's not without its limitations. A couple of months ago, Lexus created the "slide" hoverboard, a piece of machinery that works because of magnetic force... meaning it only works on magnetic surfaces, an obstacle conquered by the creation of a custom skate park in Spain where most of the surfaces are made to be magnetic. Despite this limitation the way it works is quite interesting. Within the board are nitrogen cooled superconducting blocks, which have no electrical resistance. The magnetic field from the surface below it induces an electric current, and creates an opposing magnetic field from the superconductors due to a phenomenon called the Meissner effect. These magnetic fields create a force that allows the board to be able to hover. So while we might not be able to just pick up a hoverboard and ride it around anywhere, its cool to see that it's at least possible


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