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Bungee Jumping



Bungee jumping is something that I would never do myself, but it involves a lot of physics in order to keep everyone safe and more importantly alive. Bungee jumping is a good example of simple harmonic motion. Bungee jumping companies have a variety of cords so that people of different weights can take the jump without hitting the bottom. It’s similar to the egg drop lab that we did, but with different variables, and the height of the drop being the constant. Because people have different weights, they will exert a different force on the cord when they pass the equilibrium point. Hooke’s law and conservation of energy could be used to make the correct calculations. Because F=kx, by knowing the elasticity of the cord, it can be determined what length the cord should be to accommodate the force of the person that is jumping. The heavier the person, the shorter the cord, or the greater elasticity of the cord needed. 


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