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Take a Trip Once



It has come to my attention that the lunches I bring to school each day are fabled to be one of the best around. This however does not simply just happen. It requires an extensive shopping trip to none other than the Irondequoit Wegmans to collect everything I might need to keep me focused during the day. I'm not going to describe all of the food I get because that would be weird and unecessary, however there is one aspect of my journey in getting the food to my house that I had never really pondered and I've done it for years. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who does this, but I do not enjoy going to and from the car several times in order to retrieve the delicacies that lie within. I'm more of a "take a trip once" kinda guy. This comes with a price: loading your arms up with groceries that weigh as much as you do (if you don't feel this sensation you're missing out). Most people just take a few in each hand, which I used to do, until I started putting the groceries higher up on my arm near my shoulder and layered them on til I had every last bag. As a youngster I just thought it was easier (since I've never exactly been a "strong" individual) and never went any further with that observation. However, now I realize that it is quite basic. It is because I am decreasing the radius that the force (weight of the groceries) is being applied to. This would decrease the torque applied by the groceries with respect to my arm significantly. Thankfully this leads to an increased blood circulation and a reduction in the number of trips I must take to bring in the groceries!


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