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Death from above



Sometimes, science fiction captures some ideas that are both interesting and terrifying, especially when it's something that could be possible. One videogame from the outrageously large Call Of Duty series, Call Of Duty: Ghosts (seriously, they have made way too many of these games) has a weapons satellite orbiting the earth called Odin, that drops metal rods from space that fall to earth's surface and seem to explode on impact. Seems like complete nonsense right? Well, actually it's a concept that's been floating around for a while called kinetic bombardment. Basically it goes something like this: a rod is dropped from orbit and pulled down by earth's gravity, and builds up speed as it enters the atmosphere. The rod is designed to maximize it's terminal velocity, building up speed and also building up kinetic energy. When the rod hits something, that energy has to go somewhere, so it goes into whatever it hits, in this case, a building or the earth's surface, dealing damage almost like a bomb. It's kind of a scary thought. Thankfully stuff like that is why there's the Outer Space Treaty, so people can't go putting stuff like that into orbit


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