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Winter Driving



As all Rochesterians know, winter driving is not easy and can get out of hand very easily. But why? Well it is rather simple. The added snow and ice on the road causes the coefficient of friction between the tires and the road to be much much smaller. Using the equation Ff=uFn with Ff being the force of friction, u being the coefficient of friction and Fn being the normal force we can see that when the coefficient of friction decrease (while the normal force is kept constant) the force due to firkin decreases. This causes the tires to slip a lot easier on the snow and ice than it would in just dry pavement. Similar to driving on snow/ice is driving on water. Although not a sever, when the road is wet the coefficient of friction between the tires and the parent is less than dry parent but not as less as snowy or icy pavement. So when you go driving this week be extra careful and be ready for a spin out.


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