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Over the summer, I had to chance to take a surfing lesson. Surfing requires balance, and coordination, so I was not particularly good at it. One very important aspect of surfing was going from laying down on your stomach, into a standing position. When doing this, it was very important that you were in the right part of the board, so that you were at the center of mass of the system. If you were too far back on the board, the force of the wave moving forward could pull the surf board up and out from under you throwing you backwards. It was also important to keep your body, and center of mass low. If you stood up completely straight, and then moved from the center of mass, the torque experienced by the surfboard system will be greater because the “radius” from the axis (the height of your body) is greater. So based on physics, I shouldn’t have had too much of a problem with surfing, oh well.


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