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Lost at Sea



THIS JUST IN!!! DJ KHALED LOST AT SEA!!! LAST SEEN LOOKING FOR THE KEY TO SUCCESS!!! So DJ Khaled is lost at sea right now. Let's move forward a bit and say that they found him, but he's drowning; he's falling farther and farther down. What force would be required to bring him up by a crane? Ok let's say that he's 235 pounds (and yes I looked it up) and let's say he's already fallen 10 meters down. So what is acting on him right now while he's falling down? He has his weight, mg, down and a drag force from the water up, Fd,  and that's it. But when they put a net around him and try to lift him up, there is a force of the net up, Fn, mg down, and the drag force, Fd, down as well. So in order to lift him up, obviously Fn has to be bigger than mg and Fd combined. So the equation would be Net Force =ma, so Fn - (Fb + mg) = ma. Fn = 250a + (.5 * p * v^2 * Cd * A) + 250(9.8), where p = the density of the water, A = the cross sectional area, Cd = the drag coefficient. And there you go, DJ Khaled is saved. 


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