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I watch too many spy movies...



For this blog, I decided it would be fun to try and figure out if I could realistically jump from the roof of IHS to Dake. Typing that out I realize how stupid that sounds but I've already started so here goes. IHS is one storey taller than Dake, which is approximately 10 meters. The distance between them is about 12 meters, approximated by 17 paces to walk between the two. (I'll double check these figures best I can and come back with an edit soon.) The average person can run ten to fifteen miles per hour at their prime. Assuming I'm on the lower end of that spectrum, that's about four and a half meters per second. If I were to jump at the optimal forty-five degree angle, that'd be about three meters per second vertically, as well as horizontally. This liftoff speed over the ten meter drop leads to a 1.7 second jump, which would get me a distance of 5.2 meters away from the high school, and still 6.8 meters from my destination. Thusly, my new destination would be the ground. And I'm assuming that would hurt... a lot. Well thank you for joining me on this segment of Dash My Dreams of Being a Spy, until next time, arrivederci. (Thank you google)


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