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Cuz Im freeeee. Freefallllin.



Well, continuing on from my last blog, I wonder exactly how much it would hurt to fall that far. Lets find out! This would be an approximate 30 meter drop, plus the height gained from the initial liftoff, which is... still approximately 30 meters, looks like my pride is going down too look at that. Anyway, a thirty meter free-fall with a ten meter per second acceleration gets you to a velocity of 31.6 meters per second. So, if I were to be a complete and utter moron, I would simply stand straight like a board and the ground would decelerate me rather quickly, lets say about .3 seconds. 31.6 m/s divided by .3 seconds is a deceleration of 105.4 m/s2. This multiplied by my mass of 72.5kg leads to a whopping seven thousand six hundred and forty two newtons of force. This sounds painful to say the least. But what about if I could extend that time by absorbing as much of the force as possible, namely doing a "tuck and roll" which have quotes because I decided they should have quotes so there. This highly sophisticated procedure would require me to tuck my legs upon impact with the ground, and then roll into a ball before rolling away. The main 'impact' of this would be to extend the time of deceleration as much as possible. Ok so i just ran out into the hallway and simulated this to be about one second. Not exactly what I was hoping for but still, it's progress. Now the 31.6 m/s is divided by 1 second, for a deceleration of... 31.6 m/s2. This resulting force is two thousand two hundred and ninety-one newtons. Still not exactly the ideal scenario, but I guess I won't be preforming any of my own stunts any time soon. Until next time, sayonara.


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