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Now I know you all think this is going to be me continuing on the same topic, but calculating the work. Well I'm not. This is a story, all about how, I acted like a physics nerd at work. So when I'm actually washing the dishes, I like to amuse myself with physics. Either that or blame it for me getting soaked. For entertainment purposes, I wash the pizza cutter. This brings my childlike mind joy because the water, traveling at a tangential velocity, strikes the blade, pushing it in the same direction. But alas, the poor blade is restrained by a foul axle. This little peg stops the blade from travelling freely, and allows only circular motion. The tangential velocity of the water has an angular momentum with respect to the axle, and this momentum is then given to the blade. The water, wanting desperately to be with the slicer clings on for dear life, yet he is not strong enough. Though his course be altered, nothing could stop the motion of the ocean-spraying out over the kitchen floor. He flew through the air, never to meet his pizza slicer again... So basically it makes it spin really fast and the water sprays out in a really cool disk motion, it's tons of fun. R8 10/10 would do again. Anyway, until next time, yasoo.


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