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another driving experience gone wrong...



On the bright side, I wasn't the one behind the wheel when this happened. I had just finished rehearsal for the musical one Saturday morning (well, technically afternoon) and offered up the idea to my friend Jojo to go out to breakfast. He loved the idea and was even more willing when I said I would treat the both of us.  As I got into the car, we were already off to a not-so-great start...Jojo had some difficulty changing the gear into reverse.  After some "love taps" to the car, Jojo finally reversed out of the parking lot and we made our way towards East Ridge Family Diner.  The roads were covered in slush, ice and snow. We came to a stop at the intersection of East Ridge Rd and Hudson Ave where we were in the left turning lane.  Finally, the green arrow signaled us to proceed with the left turn.  Jojo pressed on the gas and began turning the wheel.  There were a few cars and trucks in the left turning lane on East Ridge Rd where we were coming up to. As Jojo released the steering wheel to allow it to glide back forward, the wheel had other plans in mind.  We both quickly noticed the car still turning left heading right for the truck in the left turning lane. Jojo slammed on the brakes-which did a whole lot of nothing- and we screamed for our lives knowing what was to come next.  Jojo relentlessly steered right but realized Newton's first law in action: an object in motion will stay in motion.   Not only were Jojo and I sure that we were going to nail the truck, the driver of the truck looked to be on the same page as us with his jaw dropped and his eyes bugging out of his head.  Miraculously, the car had won over the snow's resistance and we missed the truck by INCHES. Moral of the story: Jojo should seriously invest in some snow tires which are designed to grip the surface better and decrease the likelihood of slipping


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