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Over Christmas break, Mythbusters was running a marathon.  I went to bed every night watching Mythbusters and woke up to watching it as well.  I've always been really interested in the show and thought a lot of the myths were pretty cool.  One that I found hard to believe and depressing is the myth: " Can lighting a fire in the fireplace with a chimney make the rest of the house colder?" They found that this myth was actually true.  I said that this is quite depressing because personally, I hate being cold.  Although truthfully, I never really noticed the drop in temperature because if my Dad makes a fire, I sit right in front of it and am known to melt/burn my clothing.  Like me, I bet a lot of people find it hard to believe that a fire actually makes the house cooler.  They say it is because so much heat escapes from the chimney, leaving the house cooler. It is said that a fireplace is one of the most inefficient heating devices out there because the hottest air the fire creates, goes immediately upward and out the chimney.

So I guess it would be smarter for us to cover up Santa Claus' entrance and look for more efficient alternatives in making our homes nice and toasty.,


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