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snot freezing cold



Ever since I was a kid, my mother had always said "It's snot freezing cold outside!!" I've had a cold and a runny nose for the past of I don't know...eight weeks or so. Despite the late onset of winter temperatures, I have yet to experience "snot freezing cold" temperatures. I have had my share of freezing hair days but never have I ever experienced snot freezing.  Now that I'm typing this, i realize this may be a little disgusting blog post........

Anyways, I say we shall calculate the freezing point of snot:)

To do so, one should not be afraid to get their hands dirty.  Also, I don't think getting a jar filled with snot would be realistic considering is it inside our noses. SO we would need a LOT of sick people.  Good thing it's that time of year!! 

For my prediction, I think the freezing point would be every close to that of water but lower because of the mixture. It would be a little messy to see if I am wrong or right though...


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