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A Brief Addendum



It is with great shame that I issue the following public apology. In a previous post, since deleted for the safety and well-being of this community's physics students, I committed crimes against humanity, and even worse, crimes against physics. I claimed that if one were to stick a knife into an outlet, they would not be electrocuted because the circuit could not be completed. This would be true in a vacuum, but I failed to take into account the fact that in being connected to the ground, one would indeed complete the circuit and potentially cause themselves serious harm. The connection of the individual to the ground would supply a reservoir of charge that would cause a complete circuit and electrocution. I apologize profusely to those of you who were misled by my stupidity to try sticking a knife in an outlet and I apologize as well to all of my previous science teachers, who must've thought they'd taught me better than that. It turns out that the one who thought they knew everything was not Dr. House or his writers, it was me. I promise that all further scientific claims made on this blog will be better thought out and be at least mostly true. I apologize once again, and I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me. Thank you very much for your time.


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