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In my eyes, the sport that uses the principles of physics most simply is Golf. Kinematics and projectile motion are the biggest components of physics that are applied in golf due to the objective of hitting a ball into a small hole. First, the angle at which each club is tilted determines the total distance the ball will fly. A club with a very low angle of tilt, such as a driver, will cause the ball to fly the farthest. But the angle isn't the only factor to distance. Comparing a driver to an iron, the weight and size of the driver's head is greater in both cases. This means that the driver will hit the ball with more force (assumed the swing speed is the same). Another application of physics in golf is air resistance. If you have ever held a golf ball before, you would have surly noticed the dimples. These dimples actually decrease the effect that air resistance has on the ball and allow it to fly faster and further. This happens because the dimples decrease the surface area that the wind hits and causes smaller drag force on the ball.


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