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More on tire swings



If you happened to read the previous post about tire swings, hi, I’m the short friend! Anyway… I also noticed that the tire swing was a perfect example of physics in the real world. Tire swings are an example of simple harmonic motion, a pendulum to be exact. When the tire is lifted to a certain height and let go, it swings back and forth, ideally at the same height each time. However, because this is not a perfect world, and factors such as air resistance came into play, this was only somewhat true. Also, with pendulums, the weight of the object on the end of the string/rope does not affect the time it takes to make one “revolution”, only the length of the pendulum. This means that in theory, it would take the same amount of time for a certain 6 ft 2 in person to make one revolution on the tire swing as a person half her height.


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