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More Gymnastics Physics



I was at the gym the other day watching one of my teammates do her uneven parallel bar routine, and I thought about something new: in her giant swings, her feet would have to be moving extremely fast in order for her body to make it around the bar. How fast do they travel?

A giant is a skill on the uneven bars in which a gymnast swings all the way around the bar in a handstand, ex:

Giant swings follow a pattern of uniform circular motion. I timed one of my teammates doing her giants, and one swing took approximately 1.35 seconds to complete. Because she is 5' tall (60 inches), the radius of her motion is 60". Using the equation vc=(2πr)/T, I subbed in the values: vc=(2π(60))/1.35 to find that her feet were traveling at 279.25 in/sec. This means

that my teammate's feet travel at 190.4 mph in her giant swings, which actually sounds very wrong.... Ah well, I



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Hmm... I wonder who this is?

This is really cool though... 16 mph is wicked fast for a person to be traveling under their own power.

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