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More Sherlock Physics



I’ve already talked a bit about the show Sherlock, but I realized that there is a lot more physics involved to talk about. In one episode, called His Last Vow, Sherlock is shot in the chest. It’s a bit complicated to explain, but in the moments of shock following, he processes what he has to do in order to stay alive. The first decision is whether to fall forward or backwards. Because the bullet didn’t go completely through him his best option is to fall backwards to reduce blood loss. However, because of physics, and conservation of moment, wouldn’t he fall backwards anyway? It would be like those bullet and block problems that we did so much in physics last year. If the bullet was moving toward Sherlock, and he was facing the shooter, because of the velocity and direction of the bullet, and Sherlock’s stationary position, when hit, the momentum of the bullet would push him backwards as well. Maybe the bullet’s momentum wouldn’t be enough to do so, or maybe, the Sherlock writers didn’t think enough about the physics.



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