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Static Cling!



Sticking with our current hero, I'd like to go into one of his other abilities, namely his "static cling." This is also a power from early in the series after he caught his first bad guys. He needed to leave the crooks for the police but didn't want to have to wait around for them. His solution: stick them to the wall. He did this by creating a large amount of static electricity between their clothes and the huge metal warehouse wall. This held them there until the police could arrive, at which point he discharged them from the background before flying off on his little metal disc. Talking more in-depth about the static cling physicsally, this had to be a pretty strong magnetic force. It had to hold the clothes perpendicular to the force of gravity pulling down and I don't know if you've ever rubbed a cloth on metal, but it doesn't exactly have a high coefficient of friction. Therefore, all the upward force needed to counteract gravity would need to come from the static cling, making Static one strong hero.


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