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Another cool character is one named Nichelle. Nichelle is sorta like a walking capacitor, but with more control. If she is near one of the other electric children, she can turn on her power, and start drawing it out of them. Apparently having the electricity forcibly drained out of you is kinda painful, because she has brought all the other kids to their knees in pain. This makes her very powerful, but only against the electric children, and she's not liked by any on either side and is tossed aside after she has outlived her usefulness to the company. This occurs after her altercation with the main character Michael. After freeing a small group of rebellious powered children, Michael stages a prison break which is put to a halt by Nichelle. But then, one of Mike's non-powered friends tells him to give her his power, and he does just that. Like I said before, Nichelle is a walking capacitor, and capacitors are notorious for having a capacitance, or maximum capacity. When Michael started feeding her his power, he overloaded the capacitor until she couldn't take it anymore and passed out.


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