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Steph Curry #2



Continuing from last post, we covered the footing, jump, and angle of the shot and how all that ties into a perfect shot. But that's not all that goes into a perfect shot. Oh and I forgot to mention about the angle, according to Professor John Fontanella, the ideal angles for a shot by height are here: 5’4"- 52.2 degree angle, 5’8″- 51.5 degree angle, 6’0″- 50.8 degree angle, 6’4″- 50.1 degree angle, 6’8″- 49.4 degree angle, 7’0″- 48.7 degree angle. Ok, so now we'll go into the basketball itself, as well as the spin. So, unlike the seams on a baseball or the ridges on a golf ball, basketballs have a smooth texture and travel through the air at a slow speed. For this reason, shooters can loft (yes, loft) a shot pointing at the basket or pointing on the backboard without the ball changing direction during flight. For example, a jump shot with backspin causes it to bounce off the backboard at a downward angle. Shooters, such as Steph, can put right or left spin when shooting from an angle, causing the ball to bounce off the board into the basket. Just a little more on what goes on during a basketball shot. So, we covered the beginning, middle and release of a shot. I think Steph knows what to do and considers all of this while taking a shot. After all, physics is always right.



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