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Hey, no pressure



Pressure is an interesting topic. It's used all around us in things we take for granted. Soda cans are under pressure, airplanes keep air pressure the same so we can breathe when it's really high in the air, hydraulic lifts take advantage of water pressure. It's everywhere. Forces can act on an object due to differences in pressure, going from high to low. Let's use the soda can as an example. When you open a soda can, it fizzes because of the pressure released. If you were to take a the same unopened soda can, and take it in a submarine far enough below sea level, where the pressure around you and the soda can is greater, you could open it or shake it beforehand as much as you want, and it won't fizz or explode since there's no difference in pressure, resulting in no net force. Conversely, if you go to a higher altitude, and the soda will fizz more. This is the same reason why if a balloon filled reaches a high enough altitude it will pop


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