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I am a senior at Irondequoit High School this year. I am particularly interested in Music, specifically playing the saxophone. I also enjoy playing sports, like soccer, basketball, golf, spikeball, tennis. I am a triplet, and have a total of 6 siblings, all of whom I am very close with. My strengths as a student are that I consistently work hard and complete things on time, and that math and science come naturally somewhat easy to me. I love working through math problems and being able to piece together what's given in order to create a meaningful solution. . I would like to attend Cornell University's College of Engineering next fall, with a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Music. Two potential career goals of mine are that I would either like to work for Apple or I would like to work on making automobiles more environmentally efficient. 

I love problem solving, and I'm excited to do as much of that as possible while taking AP Physics C this year. I chose to take this course to better understand the world around and to understand physics as it relates to calculus. I hope to gain college credit for my AP scores in this class, to build new friendships, and to acquire a nearly complete understanding of the concepts taught in the course, and see how they relate to my interest in mechanical engineering. I am most excited about learning how calculus can be used to solve physics problems that I learned how to solve algebraically in Physics 1 and about completing labs to see the concepts that I learn are verified in the real world. I am anxious about E&M because the concepts of electromagnetism are difficult for me to visualize and understand. I am also anxious about the fact that my teacher does not lecture in class, that instead in order to learn I need to watch videos on Educator.com, which is something very new to me. I hope that I can understand the concepts well enough based on the videos. 

Overall, I'm excited about what I will learn this year!

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I understand being nervous about the videos, but try to think of it this way -- in what other classes do you have an instructor available to help you for 42 minutes each day?  :cool:

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