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Week 1 Physics: WebAssign and Scientific Notation



Overall, I have been enjoying the first few days of physics class and reviewing the content we learned last year. It was generally pretty easy. However, let me talk about scientific notation. I thought I was good at it before this year, but I guess not. I read the first chapter of the textbook and watched the first lecture and figured I was well prepared to start the intro WebAssign. For some reason, the scientific notation problems gave me the most trouble. I re-read the chapter, and figured I'd give it another go. Again, no luck. I followed all the rules in the textbook and I still could not get these problems to work. I finally decided to type it all into my calculator exactly as the problem stated just to see how these ended up and still I could not get the right answer for the last one. Somehow, I cleared the entry from my calculator and when I finally realized I had forgotten a negative sign somewhere I had to type it all in again, which took another 10 minutes.

Overall, Physics - 1, Me - 0.


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