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I am a senior at IHS ready to finish my high school career off strong. Some things I am interested in are basketball, football, music, tennis, and of course, physics. I am one of six kids, and right in the middle. In school I am strong in math and science classes because it comes naturally to me, but also because I enjoy the curriculum. In the future I plan on going to college and majoring in engineering (not sure which field specifically yet). 

  I'm taking AP Physics C this year because I was introduced to the topic last year in AP Physics and it instantly appealed to me. I understood the concepts and the math, but most of all the stuff was really cool! This year I hope to get as much and more out of this physics class. I am excited to learn more about how and why things happens in the world, and hopefully do some cool labs. I am anxious about the fact that this course will be extremely challenging in comparison to all other classes I've taken this far. Also the fact that I must push to keep myself at a good pace and do the work myself; I no longer will have the training wheels like other classes I've taken before. All in all, this class will be fun yet difficult, yet it will all be good because this will be the closest I've come to taking a college level class thus far.


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