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First Impressions



The first week of physics was very interesting and I really enjoy the freedom of being able to work at my own pace. Hopefully it will not lead to procrastination. I decided to take physics because it is a extremely challenging, yet interesting. It allows me to see the world in ways I had never seen it before. I want to learn more in depth about concepts and fully understand concepts that I was confused about last year. I am most excited for the labs we will do. Out of any science class, physics has the best labs. They are the most interesting and involved. I also am excited about the independence of the class because it will help me combat procrastination. Also, I like that I can learn at my own pace and go back to the videos for reference when I am confused. I am most nervous about the tests. Last year tests were a hit or miss for me, so this year I hope that I can improve on some of the units I didn't understand too well. If I am being completely honest, I do not want to be a physicist or engineer, but physics is the science i enjoy the most. 

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Welcome aboard eclark!  The good news about tests in our AP-C class... even if they don't go well, you can learn from them and retake them (each one up to 3 retakes!).  You also have that nice blog score bonus of 100/100 if you keep writing good reflections each week.  Thrilled to have you in the class...  :jig:

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