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Shoot you grade lab FAIL



So, last Friday we did our first whole class challenge lab where we tried to get a ball launcher to hit a book we had to place on the floor after finding the ΔX of the launcher. In order to do this, we calculated the initial velocity of the launcher after it was shot once, since initial velocity stays constant even after changing height and angle. We calculated the initial velocity to be 4.68m/s. After we had this information, we had to measure the new height and angle of the launcher, and the height ended up being 103.5cm, with the angle at -4 degrees. With this information, we then found the initial velocity in the y direction, which was -.33m/s. Then using the equation ΔY=Vi•t+.5at^2 to determine time, which ended up being .4272 seconds. Finally, the velocity in the x direction was calculated using the initial velocity and the angle, then put into the equation ΔX=Vi•t (.5at^2 is not necessary due to no acceleration in the X direction.), and the ΔX value was found to be 1.99m, which is where the book should have been put in order to hit it.

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