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Huston we have a problem



On Friday September 16th our class was assigned the task to shoot a book with a ball. Some may say a very simple task, yet we failed anyway. Some problems that could have caused this failure was the lack of communication between everybody working alone, and also the lack of similar measurements. To redeem ourselves we were given the opportunity to redo the lab as a blog to get full credit, instead of a big fat 0.

The ball was shot in the x direction at a rate of 4.64 m/s and in the y direction at a rate of .32 m/s. After calculating the initial velocity we could determine the time it would be in the air using the formula ∆y= vt + ½at². Plugging in the known values, (1.035 = .32t + ½(9.8)t²) for this I could use the quadratic equation to solve for t, getting a positive value of .43 seconds. Then using the time and the velocity in the x direction it is easy to determine how far it will go. Using ∆x = vt, we can plug in our time and velocity to get 1.99m. 

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