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Shoot Your Grade Lab Corrections



About a week ago, our AP Physics C class was presented with the challenge of calculating the landing spot of a projectile. Unfortunately, we missed the mark due to communication issues and a time constraint. Using measurements from the first launch, the initial velocity was found to be 4.68 m/s( I calculated  the x and y components of the projectile then found the resultant). Next, I used the measurements from new height  of 1.035 m at an angle of -4 degrees to find the new y component. This y component was found to be .33m/s. After I found the y component, I used the equation ΔY= Vot + .5at^2 to find the time. Time was found to be .427s. Finally, I multiplied the time found by the Vresultant of 4.68 m/s. Moreover, the location in which the book should have been placed was 1.998 m away from the launcher. 


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For our first calculation, we did not take into account that the initially velocity was negative. This messed up our calculations.

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