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Physics in Counter Strike Global offensive (CS:GO)



Counter Strike Global Offensive, or CS:GO for short, is a competitive PC shooter game where 2 teams of 5 fight over an objective with only 1 life each round. While CS:GO is very fun and competitive, it also has some very interesting physics to the game. In The game some of the more powerful weapons are able to shoot through different materials, some being wooden doors, large creates and even other players. Depending on the weapon used, the damage through the material changes, for example, if you were to use the high powered AWP sniper rifle it would due a heck of a lot more damage then say a standard M4-A1s rifle. Another thing you can do in the game is bounce grenades off walls, doors, etc.. When you throw the grenade you have three different ways to throw it, underhand for short tosses, overhand for those long throws, and a mix between the two when ya don;t quite need the extra distance.  Depending on how hard you throw the grenade, the amount of times and power the grenade hits the wall changes. When you throw it harder it may bounce of more walls or go further when you bounce it off a single wall. Along with these physics there's a exploit to the games engine where you can perform a maneuver referred to as "bunnyHopping" . A bunnyhop is performed by air-strafing back and fourth or left and right. It takes a very skilled player to be able to pull a bunyhop off but once mastered you are able to bunnyhop around the map, which increases your velocity every-time you land a hop. This only works because at a certain time in the air right as you land, there is no friction, if you time up the movement you can then bunny hop again and some how avoid any friction which will make you faster and faster. While CS:GO isn't a physics based game, the physics in the game make it unique and a fun experience. 


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