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Homer Simpson



In the greatest comedic film ever created, Homer Simpson attempts to ride a motorcycle around the inside of a dome. He accomplishes this feat in order to throw a bomb out of the inside of the dome. Not only is this the coolest stunt ever pulled in any movie in the history of film, the physics behind this accomplishment is elegant. In previous attempts when Homer failed, he drove too slowly and so he would fall when he got to the top of the dome. Lisa knew about physics, however, and told Homer to speed up when he got to the top. When he did this he was able to get to the top of the dome without falling off. He was able to do this because his increase in speed increased his momentum. Since momentum, p, equals mass multiplied by velocity, Homer's momentum would increase when he sped up toward the top of the dome. Therefore, he was able to clear the dome because the force of gravity opposing him stayed the same and his momentum increased, causing him to go all the way to the top of the dome without falling, after, of course, multiple failed efforts. 


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