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Just a cool thought



Today in class a cool thought was brought to my attention. The idea that an object that is an infinite distance away from all other objects will have no gravitational potential energy. Its a cool idea because if you think about any object on earth it has its own gravitational field due to the fact that all matter has mass. The earth is a great example of this because we can clearly see the moon and how it travels around the earth which is due to the gravitational pull by the earth on the moon. So thinking of the moon an infinite distance away from the earth than there would be no force acting on it saying that the only planets we are taking into consideration are those in this galaxy. It's weird to think this way with things at an unreachable distance becasue they are not possible and hard to wrap the mind around. 


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Along those lines, its really cool to think if that place exists in more than just theory and what one might find that far away from the galaxy we know so well


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