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Recently I watched a documentary about the possibility of teleportation. Scientists have discovered that through entanglement and superposition particles can be teleported transported to different locations. Entanglement is the idea that links the quantum states of two particles even when they are separated.The distance between the particles does not matter, so they can be on other sides of the universe and still be entangled. Many particles have been teleported by scientists recently because that is not the hard part about teleportation. The part that troubles scientists is maintaining entanglement. Superposition is the idea that a particle has unlimited possible states until you measure it. Once it is measured, you limit it to a single possibility. Because of superposition and entanglement, particles can be transported. This new knowledge is important because it could be the future for human teleportation. There begs the question however; if you are teleported, will it be the same person as before who arrives on the other side?


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That's definitely awesome, wish I could teleport. But wouldn't that mean I would have to he entangled with another me? Or did I misunderstand your post?

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