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The Physics of Assassins Creed



In the series Assassins creed, one of the core parts of the game is maneuvering around tight spaces and towns by using parkour. This is where you climb buildings, poles, bridges, and really anything that you can in order to get from point a to point b. One of the most intense methods of parkour in the game is the rope-zipline launcher gun. A gun fire a hook out of the barrel which is attached to a long cord. The hook lodges in a building where the player wants to reach, and the other end is attached to where the player is standing, creating a tight rope. The tension in the rope creates an upward force that almost balances the downward force created by the player after jumping on the rope, and is pulled very tightly from each side, creating a super strong almost metal bar for you to ride on. The angle created by the rope creates an angled acceleration due to gravity that moves the player down the rope. Because of the fast acceleration and the rough surface of the rope, gloves are required or else the players hand would be easily burned through due to the heat from friction. The zipline launcher allows for an easy and fast way to get from point a to point b, and would be a feat of engineering if it were possible to make in real life and was considered safe.

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Assassins Creed has so much physics behind it.  Especially when you are able to free roam the game and are able to do park core by climbing mountains, jumping from tree branches, jumping off of ledges, and so much more.  It's cool how realistic it is. 

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