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Physics in Cleveland



Last night, in Cleveland, two landmark events happened in a city mostly considered the laughingstock of sports.  In one night, the Indians won game one of the World Series against the Cubs and the Cleveland Cavaliers hoisted their Championship banner on opening night of the NBA regular season.  With these stadiums right across the street from each other, it got me to think: with Cleveland fans so starved of sports success, they took full advantage of this opportunity to be loud and support their beloved Cavs and Indians.  With the sheer volume coming from each stadium last night, I also wondered what kind of noise would disperse into the surrounding city.  With these thoughts, I went ahead and made a visual representation of the sound waves coming out of each stadium and the possible sites of constructive and destructive interference.  Although the possibility of me going back in time and going to Cleveland and actually seeing if there is detectable interference is slim to none (most likely none) its still cool to wonder what a passerby in Cleveland would hear if they are going in-between the two stadiums who were louder than they had been in years last night. 

cleveland capture.PNG

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Oh yeah i remember this last year.  Where the two sound waves meet, is where there is destructive interference, so if a person stood there, the noise of the two crowds wouldn't be very loud.  

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