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WoP #2: Papyrus Broke More than a Window



Undertale… where do I even begin? To describe it simply, it’s a game which shows us that there are consequences to our actions, and attempts to show that there are other solutions in video games than violence. It’s one of the most amazingly funny and heart-wrenchingly emotional experiences you can get out of a 2D game. That being said, mostly for the rule of funny, the game tends to ignore the laws of physics.


One of the most blatant examples of this occurs during the game’s pacifist route, where one of the characters, a skeleton named Papyrus, jumps out of a closed window, causing it to shatter. The problem? By jumping out the window, the force Papyrus exerted on the window would have been directed outside the house, meaning the shards of glass would have landed outside. Despite this, when jumping, the ENTIRE window breaks inwards, and lands INSIDE the house.


There are several tough bosses in this game which drive people insane, some of which also break the laws of physics… or blatantly ignore them… But the fact that one of the easiest, kindest bosses in the game can so casually break the laws of physics just goes to show how dangerous he may be…


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