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Kodak made a smartphone?



So, apparently Kodak decided to announce a new smartphone than nobody was asking for. The new phone, unsurprisingly, is centered around it's massive camera. But what are the physics surrounding this new camera? Well, the basic specs are simple, the Ektra has a 21-megapixel camera with an f/2.0 aperture and Sony’s IMX230 image sensor, but what does that even mean? The aperture, of f/2.0 refers to how much light a lens will let in. In general this is the largest aperture a lens will have, and it lets in a large amount of light which leads to quick shutter speeds and good low light shots. As for the 21 megapixels, this refers to the size of the image, and each megapixel equals 1,000,000 pixels, therefore the Kodak Ektra takes pictures consisting of 21,000,000 pixels. This probably sounds rather impressive, especially considering the average megapixel count on a modern smartphone is around 8 and 12 megapixels, but more megapixels does not always equal a better picture, and anything much above 8 megapixels is essentially irrelevant, unless you need to significantly crop images. Instead, a better lens will help take clearer, more true to life photos.So, now the important one, why did Kodak decide to put a sony sensor in their smartphone? Well honestly, I don't know, and maybe we never will, but i guess we'll see in the next few months if it does any good.


Recommended Comments

For a camera intended for security photos or important government shots, that might actually be important to have 21 megapixels...

For your average Joe who's going to use his phone's camera for selfies and random shots, not so much.

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