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Laser Surgery



Apparently, I have a mole that has a small chance to become cancerous, so I have to undergo laser surgery to get rid of the mole.  That lead to me to think, how is it possible that a laser could remove skin off a person's body, without hurting the surrounding skin.  So I learned that LASER is an acronym the represents Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. So basically, lasers emit monochromatic (single color/wavelength) light that are designed to send ultra-pulses of light energy which is used to remove moles from the skin.  The heat/energy of the laser is absorbed by the pigment of the mole, it heats the mole up, and then he mole burns away.  Lasers are produced to have specific wavelengths of light that are being absorbed by certain pigment of the mole and not affect the surround skin cells.  When the laser energy is applied for the right length of time, at the right level of energy, and in the proper wavelength, the mole on the skin is selectively targeted.  This is why laser surgery is harmless to the surround skin of the mole.  

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