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Knee surgery



So in the past month I have recently had Knew surgery to remove a torn meniscus. This surgery was relatively quick only lasting about an hour. Knee surgery has come a long way from where it use to be. They use to have to open up the whole knee but now you only walk out with three little holes in your leg. All the thanks goes to physics and the ability to manipulate things using modern knowledge of optics and modern technology. During this surgery they were able to take out a torn piece of meniscus with a viewing tool, a small scalpel, and water to flush it all out. This makes the surgery relatively easy and allows you to walk a day or so after and be back playing sports within two weeks. I am very thankful for physics for it got me back to hockey before the season began. 


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Yeah it's remarkable how much time and effort is saved through new medical techniques.  It's even cooler that physics attribute to the new technologies.

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